Professional Training & Development

The G Society offers professional development trainings for case managers, community service workers and other behavioral health services personnel. A minimum of 5 participants are required for professional training & development courses. A list of trainings with brief descriptions, currently offered are listed below.

Case Planning (6hr)

This hands on training helps caseworkers and other community service workers develop effective, solution based treatment planning. This training emphasizes the collaboration between caseworker, client and supports and the use of SMART goals.

Self-Check: Leaving Your Biases in the Mirror (6hr)

This course is an interactive session about leaving biases where they started. Community service workers will benefit from this training by learning how to recognize their own bias, challenge their thinking and reframing their thoughts so that they do not interfere with the work they do.

Chaos Management & Scheduling Techniques (4hr)

The world that is case management is one that is always overwhelming. This course will teach workers tips and tricks of managing chaos to prevent worker burnout and client harm.

The Empathetic You (6hr)

Empathy isn’t something that comes naturally, it’s an acquired skill that takes practice. This interactive course is a crash course in putting yourself in the shoes of others to help develop the workers empathy skill.

Trauma Informed Parenting (12 hr)
They say parenting doesn’t come with a handbook, but at TGS we believe it should. Let’s face it, the pamphlets and instructions given to parents at birth are trashed as soon as parent’s get home with their newborn (sometimes those pamphlets don’t leave the hospital). T.I.P aims to equip parents with the tools necessary to recognize and deal with the real burden to parenting, TRAUMA. This two-day training takes parents on a journey from conception to understand in depth the impact and effects trauma has on children. Parents also learn ways to minimize it’s impact as well as to guide their children through trauma when there is no escaping it.

Youth Development Workshops

The G Society offers youth development workshops for students, ranging from early childhood to late teens. A minimum of 6 participants are required for youth workshops. A list of current workshop offerings and brief descriptions can be found below.

Mad Conflicted

This course in conflict resolution can be customized to meet the needs of preschool aged children through adolescence. This fun, interactive and hands on course teaches children about the role of conflict, how to recognize it and how to deal with it. Conflict is a healthy and natural occurrence, that is given a bad reputation. This course normalizes conflict and introduces it as a resource for growth rather than a negative occurrence that should be avoided.

Emotions Commotion

This workshop is ideal for young children, ages 3-10. Children expand their emotional intelligence and vocabulary by learning about different emotions and how they are expressed. Children learn the significance of emotions and ways to handle strong feelings and thoughts that follow. This course keeps children engaged through interactive activities and lessons.

**More general Social Emotional Workshops are available and can be tailored to meet your specific needs**

**Trainings and Workshops are able to be booked at MINIMUM 30 days in advance**