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What is Coaching?

-No matter how great you are at anything, a coach makes it better!


Coaching is a helpful way to develop yourself as a person, work through pivotal changes, or live a more focused life. Growth coaching is not about fixing what's wrong, it's about enhancing and improving what's already there! Your coach is your partner, helping you live out your own dreams and values for your life. Together you and your coach will create a customized, systematic plan, in which your coach will hold you accountable to ensure your goal becomes reality!

**Coaching is not and should not be used as a substitution for Mental Health Counseling. If in search of Mental Health Counseling, please contact us and we can assist with making the referral that is right for you**

Grow with TGS!

The G Society prides itself in ensuring that client's receive effective and quality coaching. We offer a range of services from individual growth coaching to family growth coaching. We have combined the expertise of therapy with the boundless nature of coaching. All of our growth coaches are licensed therapist within their state. We utilize HIPPA compliant technology to ensure client confidentially and peace of mind. While coaching greatly differs from clinical therapy, working with a licensed therapist as your growth coach ensures:

  • Your coach is trained in therapeutic practices that are beneficial for all people, not just those who have been diagnosed with a mental health disorder.
  • Your coach has over 3,000 supervised hours in the helping profession.
  • Your coach has been trained to help people reach goals on their own terms, not telling them what to do and when to do it.
  • Your coach is bound by a code of ethics which governs their behavior. The code of ethics is one not taken lightly by licensed professionals. Therefore, even when not acting in their role as a therapist, they will be sure to follow that code to ensure each client receives quality service.

During your initial consultation, you will speak with one of our coaches to determine your needs and appropriateness for services. Coaches will make recommendations for additional services if warranted.

***While it is possible to work with a therapist towards your mental health goals as well as a growth coach, at this time TGS does not offer clinical or community mental health services. However, our coaches are familiar with community mental health agencies in northeast Ohio and can help you connect with the one that is right for you. If outside of the northeast Ohio service area, your coach will work diligently to connect you with an agency in your area.***

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