Our Purpose

The G Society is dedicated to the health, growth and wellness of all.  We have envisioned a greater society in which, everyone is treated equally, accepted and respected, despite differences in race, gender, preference and ability.  The G Society's mission is to ensure that members of our community have exceptional emotional, mental and physical health.  We strive to ensure that our community members are confident in themselves and all that they do; so that at all times, they are putting their best foot forward.

We at The G Society know, that our vision is not too far fetched.  We have faith that our society will be better for coming generations, because of the marks we are making on the world today.


What is Social Change Advocacy?

Simply put, social change, is the continuous evolution or growth of society over time. Advocacy, seeks to give community members a chance to have their voices heard, ensure their rights are protected, and ultimately have a say-so in their lives and the communities they live in. TGS has combined these two ideas in a way that advocacy forces social change in an intentional direction. A direction aimed at both empowering members of marginalized communities as well as improving their access and opportunities for success.

Reaching our goals through outreach

The G Society (TGS), is a social change advocacy organization, that offers a range of services for Northeast Ohio youth and their families.  While many social advocate agencies seek equality for it's community members, TGS focuses on equity. TGS aims to meet community members where they are and providing them with relevant education, resources, services and training.

While, TGS places the upmost importance on the well-being of children, TGS operates from a whole-family approach.  TGS understands that the adults of tomorrow are being parented by the adults of today.  In order for children to thrive and become the best versions of themselves, their parents must have both, the belief in their capacity as well as adequate resources and support from their community.  At TGS we offer therapeutic services to both children and their families, as well as, programming, community outreach, and linkage to resources.